Clay Elementary School Counseling Program


Classroomlessons: All classrooms will have lessons with me throughout the schoolyear. Topics may include:  self, family, rules, manners, getting along,bullying, cooperation, careers, problem-solving, feelings andcommunity.


Smallgroups: Small groups are offered throughout the year as the needarises. The groups may focus on study skills, friendship, angermanagement, loss, changing families, or other topics that teachers andparents ask for.


Isee students individually to help with short term issues affectingtheir ability to learn in class. If longer term counseling is indicated,I can refer parents to outside agencies or therapists.


I will speak to parents at any mutually agreeable time about any concerns.


Iwork on other school committees and activities, helping with eventssuch as Red Ribbon Week, fifth grade recognition, state-wide testing,and our continuous improvement plan.