New and Returning students needing to register, please email  The registrar will be out of the office from July 17 - 25 on vacation and will not be available to register students until July 26.
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SUPPLY LIST – 2017-18



2 Black Composition Books (Primary)

1 Pair Fiskar Safety Scissors

3 Kleenex and 1 Paper towels

Clorox Wipes

Crayola Watercolor Paint

Pencil Pouch w/1 box yellow sharpened pencils

5 boxes (8 count) Crayola crayons (no 24 pks)

10 glue sticks (Elmer)

Hand Soap & Gallon Ziploc Bags - Girls

Baby Wipes & Quart Ziploc Bags – Boys

Headphones for computers (No Ear buds)

Rest Mat for Read, Write and Rest Time

3 Black Composition Books (Not Primary)

2 Paper towels and 3 Kleenex

1 pack pink pearl erasers

1 pack of 4 Black Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers

1 Clorox Wipes

2 pack glue sticks

4 packs (24 count) Crayola crayons

3 packs yellow pencils SHARPENED

Boys - Liquid Hand Soap & Gallon Ziploc bags

Girls – Baby Wipes & Quart Ziploc bags

1 ½ “ binder (any color w clear view front)

Pencil pouch




Pencil pouch (No boxes)

2 Composition Books

2 Rolls Paper Towels

3 Box Kleenex

Boys – Hand Soap

Girls – Clorox wipes

2 boxes (24 count) crayons

4 packs of yellow pencils - sharpened

Headphones (No Ear Buds) (Opened, labeled with your child’s name & in a Gallon Bag)

1 pack pink erasers

4 black composition books

2 Yellow Highlighters

Paper Towels and Kleenex

Girls - Hand Soap

Boys – Ziploc bags

2 packs loose leaf paper

2 pocket folders with brackets

1 ream of copy paper

6 packs pencils (we prefer USA gold if possible)

1 pack Expo Dry Erase Marker

Pencil pouch w/crayons, markers, glue sticks & pink erasers

Clorox wipes



Pencil Pouch w/ scissors, colored pencils, highlighter & glue stick & eraser

4 rolls Paper Towels

Clorox Wipes

3 boxes Kleenex

2 packs Notebook Paper

2 spiral notebooks (1 red, 1 any color)

50 count pack of yellow pencils

Hand Soap

1 Composition Notebook

Headphones (No Ear Buds)

3 plastic folders w/brads & pockets

Boys - 1 pack dry erase markers

Girls – Sticky notes

1 Ream of Copy Paper

4 rolls of paper towels

1 Clorox Wipes

4 Kleenex

3 packs wide rule loose leaf paper

1 1 ½ inch binder w/1 pack 5 plastic pocket dividers


Lysol Spray – Girls

Hand Soap – Boys

3 Composition Books

Pencil Pouch w/ Pencils and Erasers

2 Large glue sticks

Headphones/Ear Buds



$60.00 Cougar Pride Donation (Used for classroom, technology, workbooks, and miscellaneous items)

Specials Teachers request Kleenex, paper towels, baby wipes, hand soap, and baggies

Please donate to our health room: Band-Aids, hand soap, 3 or 4 oz. cups, paper towels and sandwich/gallon zip baggies


We want students to keep up with their studies over the summer.  Click on the link below to see our technology teacher, Mr. Langford's recommendations:

Click Here

Teacher Assignments will be mailed mid-July with Meet the Teacher dates and important information!

Please make sure you check email for updates during the summer!


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