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Registration Information

Returning students received information with their report cards, which were mailed from the school, about registration.  You each have a unique, one-time use, snap code.  You will access online registration by logging into the link that was provided with your information.  You will enter the snap code to access your child's information and complete the necessary forms for registration.  The link went live on June 4.  Once you have completed the online portion of registration, you will bring your required residency information to the school on one of the following dates:

July 16 - 8-12:00 or 4-7:00

We need your mortgage, current lease or deed (or tax notice) and 2 current utility bills.  We accept water, power or gas.  If you are second party residence, which means the guardian of the students lives with someone else; we need your 2 significant items at that address.  We can accept a bank statement, check stub, anything from the government, health insurance, etc.  It must be something significant.  (No cell phone or credit card statements)  Bring the originals and leave them folded.  We will make copies.  If you do not have the originals, you will have to come back.  We will not accept emailed copies this year.


If you will be new to our school this coming year, we will need the same residency information as mentioned above along with birth certificate, immunization form and social security card for the student.  If they are transferring from another school, we will need their last report card.  You will not have a code to enter your information online.  Come on one of the above dates, complete a short information packet and let us make your copies.  We will email you a snap code so that you can complete registration.

If you have any questions, please email 


SUPPLY LIST – 2018-19



2 Black Composition Books (1 Primary, 1 Regular)

1 Pair Fiskar Safety Scissors

3 Kleenex and 3 Paper towels

3 Clorox Wipes

Crayola brand watercolor paint

Pencil Pouch w/1 box yellow sharpened pencils

8 boxes (8 count) Crayola crayons (no 24 pks)

10 glue sticks (Elmer)

Hand Soap & 1 pack colored copy paper- Girls

Baby Wipes & Hand Sanitizer – Boys

Headphones for computers (No Ear buds)

Rest Mat for Read, Write and Rest Time

3 Black Composition Books (Not Primary)

2 Paper towels and 3 Kleenex

1 pack pink pearl erasers

1 pack of 4 Black Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers

1 Clorox Wipes

2 pack glue sticks

4 packs (24 count) Crayola crayons

3 packs yellow pencils SHARPENED

Boys - Liquid Hand Soap & Gallon Ziploc bags

Girls – Baby Wipes & Quart Ziploc bags

1“ binder (any color w clear view front)

Pencil pouch

1 pair children’s scissors



Pencil pouch (No boxes)

3 Composition Books

2 Rolls Paper Towels

3 Box Kleenex

Boys – Hand Sanitizer

Girls – Clorox wipes

3 boxes (24 count) crayons

4 packs of yellow pencils - sharpened

Headphones (No Ear Buds) (Opened, labeled with your child’s name & in a Gallon Bag)

2 packs Elmer’s Glue Sticks

1 Ream white copy paper

3 black composition books

2 Yellow Highlighters

3 Paper Towels and Kleenex

Girls - Hand Soap & Clorox Wipes

Boys – Hand Sanitizer & Ziploc bags

2 packs loose leaf paper

Headphones/Ear buds

1 ream of copy paper

6 packs pencils (we prefer USA gold if possible)

1 pack Expo Dry Erase Marker

Pencil pouch w/crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors & erasers



Pencil Pouch w/ scissors, colored pencils, highlighter & glue stick & eraser

4 rolls Paper Towels

Clorox Wipes

3 boxes Kleenex

2 packs Notebook Paper

2 spiral notebooks (1 red, 1 any color)

50 count pack of yellow pencils

Hand Soap

2 Composition Notebook

Headphones (No Ear Buds)

3 plastic folders w/brads & pockets

1 pack dry erase markers

1 Ream of Copy Paper

4 rolls of paper towels

1 Clorox Wipes

4 Kleenex

3 packs wide rule loose leaf paper

1 1 ½ inch binder w/1 pack 5 plastic pocket dividers


Lysol Spray – Girls

Hand Soap – Boys

3 Composition Books

Pencil Pouch w/ Pencils and Erasers

2 Large glue sticks

Headphones/Ear Buds

1 – 3 prong folder



Specials Teachers request Kleenex, paper towels, baby wipes, hand soap, and baggies


Please donate to our health room: Band-Aids, hand soap, 3 or 4 oz. cups, paper towels and sandwich/gallon zip baggies


$30.00 Classroom Donation - used to purchase items for classroom instruction.  

$10.00 Technology Donation
For licensing costs for web-based programs used for classroom instruction.  (Accelerated Reader, Starfall, etc.)

5th grade ONLY
$20.00 Math Workbook
$10.00 Agenda Book



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